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Quote "Our sales reps really needed a system -- a track to run on. We tried all of the 'as old standards,' but in the end, we always reverted to our old habits.... With Sandler on our team, the sales reps and sales managers feel we have a discipline that saves a lot of time and helps us qualify our prospects better. The proof lies in the fact that our closing rates have improved, the sales cycle is shortened, fewer quotes are going out to unqualified prospects and we can now more effectively handle the bid wars with the competition." Quote

G Miller, Sr VP of Sales - Cap Gemini Ernst & Young


Leadership is important to the success of any business.  For more than 40 years, Sandler Training has helped business professionals develop, expand and refine their management skills.  Our interactive and real-world based management training teaches Sandler Training® clients to:

»  Better understand human behavior and potential

»  Improve presence, confidence and self-esteem

»  Become better communicators

»  are able to inspire and bring out the best in others

»  Set meaningful goals and develop strategies for          achievement

»  Make better decisions

»  Manage time and resources effectively

»  Achieve increasingly difficult goals in shorter  
    periods of time




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