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Quote "As a sales manager for Sungard for the past eight years, I'd done various training courses but this time I was looking for something different. Eleven people attended as well as myself and I couldn't believe the difference in my team when they returned and put the Sandler method into action. They had so much more confidence and seemed more courageous in their decision making. I was impressed." Quote

J A, Sales Manager, for Sungard Ltd

Training Solutions at Sandler

Sandler Training provides training and consulting solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as
corporate training for FTSE 100 companies.  We will work with you to identify the type of training that is right
for you or your organisation.

Many business owners and leaders believe that “training doesn’t work.”  And since many of them regard training
as a single event, designed as a short-term quick fix––they are right––that kind of training doesn’t work.

Sandler training does work, because we build our training on the concept of incremental growth and change—
supported by reinforcement, coaching and accountability.  We accomplish this through our innovative programsmes,
progressive use of technology, and the global network of our local training centres, which is unsurpassed by any
other organisation in the training industry.

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