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Avison Young is a full-service commercial real estate services firm with a unique model, culture and approach.



Burke Kennedy is a commercial real estate broker, with a concentration on office tenant representation. Initially, Burke was taught to sell the old-fashioned way, get the business no matter what. It was an attitude that went against who he was, or who he wanted to be. But this belief, along with his firm’s prevailing culture of send new brokers out with no mentoring, failed to set Burke up for success.


After his success in law school, Burke returned to the commercial real estate firm he’d left three years earlier with a new positive attitude and more skills. This time he was sure that things would be different. They weren’t. Soon he started to feel his newfound confidence slip away. That’s when Burke was introduced to Sandler.

The CEO of Burke’s company decided to engage Market Sense, Inc., the local Sandler training center, to work with his team. In the Sandler Selling System, Burke found a way of selling that made sense to him. The Sandler way took less time, it took less of the client’s time and it showed Burke how to get to the decision point of the deal quickly.


Burke’s sales manager bought into Sandler’s approach as well and wanted to incentivize the behaviours being learned. He created a prospecting contest with a trip to Europe as first prize. Burke won the contest easily. Not only did he win the trip, he began to see commissions roll in.

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