Personal and Professional Growth Tools

Self-guided courses, instructor-led training, books, and resource libraries for professional development are an invaluable resource for furthering your career
Invest in Your Career
Professional Development
Continuous professional development empowers sales professionals to change Behaviours, develop new Attitudes, and improve Techniques

Performance Through Learning


Personalised Learning Paths

Build your own road map of easy-to-follow activities and learn independently at your own pace through a variety of online courses.

Master the Craft of Selling

The Sandler learning experience is a belief system, not a one-time event, that grows with you as your career in sales progresses from individual contributor to manager to leader.

Reinforcement Training

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The Best Return on Investment Is One in Yourself and Your Teammates

  • Sandler research shows that more than 25% of revenue-generating professionals drive sustainable sales success when they take advantage of continuous development.
  • Our training empowers driven professionals to change Behaviour, develop new Attitudes, and improve Techniques, leading to consistent, lasting success for the rest of your career.

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Professional Development Solutions

Continuous Improvement at every level

You’ll learn how to prevent, avoid, and fix common sales problems like:

  • Mastering negotiation, equal business stature, and selling yourself.
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Difficulty with goal setting, time management, and decision making

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Development Solutions for Personal and Professional Growth

Sandler helps elevate the stature of sales by helping salespeople and leaders master their craft.


No Guts, No Gain!

Acknowledge the barriers that frequently stand in the way of individual achievement and uncover the best practices for stretching comfort zones, dealing with risk and failure, and breaking through to higher levels of success.


Understanding Yourself and Others - DISC

Know your own communication and behavioural style, which has a lot to do with how you think and react under pressure through DISC.


Professional Advantage

Get help with account development strategies, management of existing client relationships and referral development, as well as networking and prospecting activities.


Goal Setting Online Workshop

Create your GPS to success. You will create goals, plans, and strategies to realise your definition of success and your ideal vision for your future.
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How to Succeed.

Our self-guided courses, instructor-led training, books, and resources libraries are an invaluable resources for furthering your career. You won’t fail, because we won’t let you!

Long-term Sustainable Behaviour Change

Our unique approach to ongoing reinforcement accelerates your learning path and creates a road map of easy-to-follow activities that will help you get to the top and stay there.
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Simple Techniques to Success

Simple Techniques to Beat Your Quota, Competition, and Personal Best; Sandler’s strategies are a collection of best practices from psychology, communication, research, and a global collective of thousands of successful sales trainers, leaders, and salespeople.
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Excel with Personal Development Plans
Our personal and professional development programmes provide advanced communication techniques to excel

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