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Our franchise network can give you the roadmap and support to start your own sales training and consulting business. Enjoy a strong work/life balance, a wage you deserve, and the chance to make a difference.
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For over 15 years, we have been helping business and sales professionals level-up their sales function, win more deals, and increase revenues.

Why Partner With Sandler?

Starting your own Sandler UK franchise could be the perfect next step for you.
  • Sales Training

    At Sandler UK, we believe in using reinforcement to deliver long-term behavioural change through understanding and implementing a complex range of human attitudes and sales techniques. It’s based on psychology and understanding how proven techniques can be applied to individuals and specific situations.
  • Private On-Site Training

    We offer monthly training retainers to ensure you a consistent income stream and make it easier for you to increase client investment.
  • Leadership Training

    Help rising leaders adopt innovative approaches, enabling them to handle the demands of growing responsibility, like fostering unified, high-achieving sales teams.
  • Management Training

    Allow sales managers and general managers to cultivate important competencies, develop productive behaviours, cooperate, collaborate, and be accountable.
  • Corporate Training

    We provide tailored training to serve the needs of large and leading multinational corporations operating across many locations.
  • Sandler Material

    We pride ourselves on our world-class sales training materials. When you join Sandler as a franchisee, you get access to everything you need to provide effective training and consulting to your clients. These materials are tried, tested, and ready-to-go with useful guides to help you efficiently implement them.
  • Award-winning Franchise System

    Sandler is a multi-award-winning franchisee with a network of successful sales training and consulting businesses across the globe.
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Ideal Franchisee Profile

Join Sandler UK to become part of a rapidly growing business niche.

Are You:

  • Successful in Sales or Management
  • Fed up earning money for other people
  • Motivated by having a positive impact on businesses
  • Unhappy with work/life balance
  • Full of drive and determination
  • An authentic ‘takes action’ person
  • After flexibility in your work
  • Excited by building a business that you can sell
  • After unlimited financial earnings
  • Disgruntled with company politics

Start your business, join a trusted brand

6 Steps to Starting Your Sandler Franchise

Initial Phone Call

Your initial phone call will be with Shaun Thomson, CEO of Sandler UK, to see if we are a good match.

Business Model Discussion

We take a detailed look at your potential business model and key focus areas in a 90-minute chat.


You are invited to join us for some sessions so you can better understand us and how we operate.

Preliminary Business Plan

We work with you to create, review and perfect your two and five-year business plans.

Franchise Application Presentation

Present your business plan and ask any additional questions you might have during a meeting with our UK directors. If you are successful, you will be approved as a franchisee.

Sign Agreement and attend Initial Training

At this stage, you are asked to sign your franchise agreement. Then, you will be sent to the US to complete your initial training.

How Sandler supports you throughout the process:

We believe in ongoing support and providing all the training, advice and resources our franchisees need to thrive.
Sandler UK provides a proven franchisee onboarding process. Benefit from an initial, one-week training course in Baltimore followed by intensive training at our UK head office in Oxfordshire. Next, we help you set up their professional website and an annual subscription to an email marketing tool with all the relevant content and resources you need to build and deliver high-impact campaigns and newsletters. We have a structured plan to ensure a successful start. By learning to use our efficient processes and leveraging our professional resources, you will quickly start turning a profit and feel more confident selling your services.
In the last two years, all of our new franchisees have been able to start invoicing clients in less than 90 days after finishing their initial training. We ensure this with expert mentoring from one of our best franchisees. With 15 years of global change leadership and business development experience, Lisette Howletter will give you all the insight and support you need to kickstart your franchise while developing a tailored development plan and holistic approach to finding new opportunities and expediting growth.
Every new franchisee is offered weekly support during their first year to ensure their building gets up and running as efficiently as possible. Join our network of new members to get peer-to-peer support and connect with experienced Sandler franchisees to learn about new updates and initiatives. Our Training the Trainer conferences in the UK and beyond allow the whole Sandler network to learn and share best practices. All this info is collated in our extensive library of quality resources and future-proof online learning platform.
A key advantage of joining Sandler is the market-leading support you’ll receive in building your online presence. Support includes: - Assistance building a fully customisable website - A 90-day marketing plan - Guidance on social marketing, local PR and LinkedIn development - Access to marketing collateral - Opportunity to join a bi-weekly marketing training network call
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Sandler is consistently recognised as a leading global franchise, top-tier training company, and effective training solution.

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Hear from some of our franchisees, learn why they chose us and what it’s like to run a business in our network.

Sandler gives the ability to scale in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Anneli Thomson,
Oxford, United Kingdom
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With Sandler, I have created my own World-Class Business

Chris Ginnely,
London City, United Kingdom
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Sandler gave me the freedom and autonomy to have my own business

Andy McCreadie,
South West, United Kingdom
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I joined Sandler because I wanted to build a business that was personally very satisfying for myself and one I felt I could grow into a successful business. It is not an exaggeration to say Sandler genuinely transforms lives.

Caroline Robinson,
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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When I first started out in Sandler it was in the middle of the 2007 recession. Owning a Sandler franchise is not only a recession proof business but a business that can thrive during a recession.

Nigel Dunand,
Heart Of England, United Kingdom
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If you want a work-life balance Sandler works rather well

Berkeley Harris,
Brunel, United Kingdom
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Sandler has helped me design a life on how I want to live my life using the skills that I’ve got to sell and deliver world class effectiveness programmes

Paul Sandford,
North Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Sandler FAQs

For over 50 years, Sandler has been driving Sales Performance in organisations across the globe. We have been in the UK for 20 years.
Our training system is designed to create lasting performance improvement through reinforcement, a process designed to be ongoing to build on prior learning. Our business model around that training creates recurring revenue and additional income streams for you as the franchisee.
The initial investment to start a franchise is £55,000.
We partner with a number of franchising lenders and some of the major banks who are happy to help finance the purchase, dependant upon personal circumstances.
How much money you make depends on a number of factors, but our average annual turnover of a franchise in the UK is over £200,000
Sales and management experience will help you on the path to success.
No. However, as your business grows, you may require an administrative assistant. Plus, as your workload increases, you may need additional sales associates. However, that is up to you.
You will receive 9-10 days of Initial Training at our corporate headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland. You also receive ongoing support and can attend 6 conferences a year. A full breakdown on our support can be found in our brochure.
Franchises typically take 1-2 months to launch from the moment the Franchise Agreement is signed.
This depends upon the type and size of franchise you want to run.
Yes, you can sell your business at any time, subject to the approval of the Sandler Home Office and your compliance with the applicable transfer provisions in your Franchise Agreement.
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