Our Business Model

What does owning a Sandler Franchise look like?

Create your own business

  • Work with business of all sizes with Sandler's suite of services

  • Create recurring revenue with clients whose businesses you will transform

  • Benefit from our global reach - with a local touch

  • Create the business you want - with the work/life balance to match

Franchising-Business Model


Recurring Revenue


One of the key questions you should be asking as a prospective franchisee, is how you can grow and scale your business? What is the model, and who would benefit from your service?

With Sandler, the sky is the limit. You will be given a protected territory, so you won’t ever have to compete with a fellow franchisee – in fact, our franchisees are renowned for recommending and sharing opportunities.

Because Sandler is a long-term training partner, you will have long-term contracts. Our system isn’t restricted to particular sectors, so you have a completely open goal in terms of the types or size of organisations you can work with. Plus, because we are trusted to help drive growth, the franchise is very recession-proof – in fact, our service becomes even more business-critical in times of uncertainty.

But don’t forget – it’s your franchise. Your business. Whether you want to work alone and enjoy a lifestyle business, or scale it up and recruit a team, it’s up to you.

The Opportunity

Find out what owning your own Sandler Franchise looks like and why franchising might be right for you.

Who We Work With

Large Corporates

Work with large corporates with the support of our global network and the corporate accounts team.

Medium-Sized Companies

Medium-sized mature businesses with large teams that need sales, management and leadership support.

Small Business

Have immediate tangible impact working with small businesses across multiple industries.


Help start-ups structure, develop and scale their businesses with proven systems and processes.

Who We Work With


Our franchises have an initial fee of £55,000.

We are a category A franchise with the major banks. Subject to the individual, up to 75% of funding is easily available.

We advise that our new franchisees also have enough working capital for their first three months. Get in touch with us to hear about the typical earnings of our offices.

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