Why Sandler?

Could owning a Sandler Training Franchise be the next step in your career

as a sales trainer and consultant?

Build a Sales Consultancy

  • Skills - ongoing training for sales, sales management and leadership
  • Staff - tools to help leaders hire and onboard the right people
  • Structure - creating a replicatable stucture for all sales and management processes
  • Strategy - from launching a new product to selling a business


Recurring Revenue


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Sales Training

Sandler is world's largest sales training organisation. For more than 50 years, it’s taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped thousands of salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process.

Unlike other training providers that offer quick fix one or two-day courses, Sandler is all about reinforcement to deliver long-term behavioral change. Its methods involve understanding and implementing a complex set of human attitudes, behaviors and selling techniques – it’s all rooted in psychology and understanding how tried and tested techniques can be applied to an individual, and then reinforced.

Sandler Training addresses the three key areas necessary for long-term success in sales: Attitude, Behavior, and Technique. The Sandler Selling System is proven to drive results and create high-performing sales cultures. Its systems are used and trusted by sales leaders across the globe to drive multiple income streams and high-margin businesses.

Management & Leadership Training

Sales managers have one of the toughest, yet most important jobs in any company. They are stereotypically viewed as cruel taskmasters, renowned for dishing out unrealistic targets, but giving their teams no guidance on how they can achieve them. In a sales survey we commissioned in 2019, when we asked the respondents what characteristics they would traditionally most associate with sales managers, ‘pushy’ topped the list with 50% of respondents, followed by untrustworthy (23%) and impatient (18.5%).

At Sandler, we know there’s another way. Everything about our methodology is designed to give sales managers the freedom to change on a personal and professional level, and to ultimately drive high-performing teams. The sales manager becomes the coach that supports their teams and introduce accountability to help every member achieve their full potential.

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Sales Consultancy

Sandler franchisees are given the tools to work with their clients at a strategic level too.  This could be from helping companies hire  A-Players who will perform, to how to help their clients not only bring in more business but more profitable business.

Now, more than ever, business leaders need to position products and services in new or competitive markets where they know that being the lowest price is rarely a sustainable position.  They know they need to change but they do not know how to do this effectively and this is where they call upon the Sandler franchisee, their trusted advisor, to assist them.

Training Material & Technology

Sandler prides itself on its world class material. Its sales, management and leadership training is applicable to a huge range of companies – and we have relevant information for all of them.

As a Sandler franchisee you have access to this material to use for your training and consulting. You will have readily available material that is proven to work, rather than having to start from scratch - along with the leaders guides to help you facilitate it.

Additionally, there’s a huge and robust collection of sales, management and customer service tips, whitepapers, webinars, special reports, newsletters, and books. Check them out here.


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Award-winning franchise system

Sander Training have won multiple awards - both for franchising and in the training world.

Who is Sandler?

Sandler is part of a global group with 500 centres in 32 countries, delivering training in 15 languages – making it the largest sales and leadership training and consultancy company in the world. The company is headquartered in Baltimore in the US and was founded 50 years ago. Our corporate trainers deliver more than 92,000 hours of training each year to our clients. The UK has the largest presence outside of the US.

Our proven training methodologies reinforced through coaching, and 24/7 online training and accountability help sales professionals and management executives fulfil personal and organisational goals by initiating sustainable growth, increasing bottom-line results and maximising sales ROI.

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