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Kickstart your career and accelerate your success with Sandler’s best practices collected from high performers around the world. Take your career, income, results, and professional success into your own hands.

Our online professional development courses are perfect for anyone who is:
  • Struggling to define your vision and find your passion in your career.

  • Frustrated by clients, coworkers, or other people who just don’t get it.

  • Worried about taking big risks or struggling to find the guts to make a big move.

  • Concerned about being more professional and avoiding embarrassing blunders.

  • Looking to establish their credibility and professional business skillset.

Learn More to Earn More.

Learn how to set goals, develop assertiveness, and build your professional career. Our training empowers driven professionals to change behaviors, develop new attitudes, and improve techniques, leading to consistent, lasting success for the rest of your career.

Our online courses will show you the professional skills needed to:
  • Set and accomplish SMARTER goals.

  • Deal with difficult people and situations.

  • Develop the confidence to deal with your biggest fears.

  • Advance and excel in any business culture.

  • Demonstrate your competence in any environment.

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Online Professional Development Courses

Sandler Online is a state-of-the-art platform designed to educate and support learners with a variety of content, tools, and applications with on-demand access. Learn at your own pace through a variety of online courses and get access to our extensive resource libraries by enrolling yourself today.

Dealing with Difficult People

This course looks at what makes certain people and situations difficult, how we can use proven Sandler techniques to prevent conflicts, and how we can fix both the problem and the upset customer while still maintaining our confidence and self-esteem. Learn how to understand yourself and others better.

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No Guts, No Gain!

This program will show you how to get tough, take control of your life, plant your feet, close more sales, and make more money. This is Sandler’s anti-wimp program. It helps you uncover your obstacles for that success and the action you need to take to overcome them.

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Grovo Modern Compliance Collection

Through a partnership with Cornerstone, Grovo content is available in Sandler Online to help you understand and comply with common business, legal, and cultural requirements. You will learn about HR and legal issues like security, diversity, discrimination, benefits, ethics, and much more.

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Grovo Professional Skills Collection

Through our partnership with Cornerstone, Grovo content is now available in Sandler Online to help you achieve your professional development goals. Learn how to take ownership of your career and personal growth through influence, time management, building a business case, and much more.

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