Sandler Research Report | What Buyers Want and How Buyers Work


What Buyers Want and How Buyers Work-Sandler Research Center

It’s obvious that the pandemic forced the buyer/seller relationship online. The organizations that survived this transition and thrived are the ones who quickly adapted to fit this new world. The reality is that digitization was always going to happen – it has been anticipated for quite some time. COVID simply accelerated its arrival.

Buyer’s Process and ways to Adapt the Changes

This survey provides a view into the changes in the buyer’s journey and process as well as insights into the best way vendor’s can adapt their strategies and techniques to best match the process. The survey covers:

  • Exploration and Awareness
  • Interest and Considerations
  • Vendor Selection Survey


More than anything, today’s buyers want to be understood and not sold to: They need to feel respected, and trust that the vendor is continually working to earn the right to their business.