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Pareto’s Analysis – An Unsung Management Tool?
Pareto Analysis is a very simple technique that helps you to choose the most effective changes to make.   It uses the Pareto principle – the idea that by doing 20% of work you can generate 80% of the advantage of doing the entire job. Pareto analysis is a formal technique for finding the changes…
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In Sales, What Differentiates the Top 5% Players?
As you can imagine, I am often asked by sales leaders, anxious to recruit the best salespeople they can afford, just what is it that makes a consistently top performer – what are their characteristics, where are their strengths, and what differentiates them? Over the past fifteen years I have trained and developed thousands of…
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Customer Focus Creates Competitive Advantage
There is one phrase that sets top sales performers apart from the pack: customer focus. This is because outstanding sales results depend on the ability to think from the customer’s point of view, while understanding the customer’s agenda, buying cycle and best interests. Beyond a superficial reading of immediate customer needs, the very best salespeople…
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So, What Makes a Successful Sales Team?
An organization’s vision is a guiding image of success formed in terms of a huge goal. It is a description in words that conjures up a picture of the organization’s destination. A compelling vision will stretch expectations, aspirations, and performance. Without that powerful, attractive, valuable vision, why bother? A mission statement communicates the essence of…
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Selling in 2020: The Survival of the Fittest?
There is an air of inevitability that at some point, in the not too distant future, many of the tasks now routinely handled by “salespeople” will become automated – in fact, it is already happening. Commoditization virtually eliminates seller-buyer human interaction and, at the time of writing this, it is a B2C “phenomenon.” It is…
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Is Your Sales Process Cramping Your Style?
Far too frequently, competent salespeople are expected to channel their own activities into the areas that will produce the quickest wins. Unfortunately, left to their own devices, far too many don’t develop and pursue a formal strategy for moving a sale tangibly forward during each prospect interaction, neither do they have a clearly defined set…
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Reconstructing the Pieces Of The Sales Puzzle
I first began to recognise the need to be able to benchmark sales performance more objectively and more rigorously over thirty- five years ago. The motivation to do this was strong, because I knew I was wasting thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of pounds on sales skills training programmes which were not…
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How Much Did That Lead Cost You – Honestly?
Here’s an interesting question for you: How much is it costing your company to generate one lead? Here’s another equally interesting question: How many leads does your company need to generate to create one sale? I have spent the past two weeks asking those two questions of friends, colleagues, fellow sales commentators, clients, and prospects…
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Tried & Tested Tips for Lead Generation
Use of ‘Pareto Thinking’ is highly relevant and important when applied to sales people. For example, 20% of sales people’s activities will create 80% of sales achieved, which has enormous consequences on how to optimise and manage lead generation activities. Generating leads is an important sales activity that plants the seeds of growth for sustainable…
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Isn’t It Time We Re-Defined Selling?
What we do know is that in today’s world of selling, there is less and less room for apprenticeship. Selling has become an exclusive club of highly skilled professionals, where product knowledge, time management skills, objection-handling, cold calling techniques, and the ability to distinguish between features and benefits for instance, are the cost of membership,…
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The “Problem” With Referral Selling
We all understand that generally speaking referred prospects will accelerate through the sales pipeline at a much faster rate than other types of opportunities, and they will also be more receptive towards providing future referrals. Did you know that? 40% of salespeople are failing in their sales careers. 45% of all salespeople earn the average…
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Pareto & Management
In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country, observing that twenty percent of the people owned eighty percent of the wealth.   In the late 1940s, Dr. Joseph M. Juran inaccurately attributed the 80/20 Rule to Pareto, calling it Pareto’s Principle. While it…
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The True Value of Exceptional Customer Experience Management & “Moments of Truth”
Most of us are involved in some form of business acquisition for our respective companies. We all know that winning business often requires a significant investment in time, resources and energy and that the thrill of the chase is an exciting one. Isn’t it a shame that sometimes the customer, who you worked so hard…
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Yes, But Can You Sell?
Dear Jonathan, I am looking for some guidance, and I hope you can help me. We have just been presented with our sales results for Q1 to date, and for the fifth quarter running, I am going to miss quota – by quite a long way. In fact, only two of our team are over-achieving…
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Customer Retention: The Huge Gap Between Intention and Reality
When it comes to looking after our customers, quite often there’s a gap – a huge gap – between theory and practice. There are books about customer relations; there are videos about customer relations; there are Gurus (mostly self-appointed) about customer relations. None of them actually have to deliver customer relations. That chore is left…
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The Don Quixote Approach to Opportunity Assessment
It would be very easy to be seduced into believing that in today’s selling environment the need to rigorously qualify every opportunity at the front end of the sales/buying cycle is becoming irrelevant: Competition is tougher than ever before; customers are choosing us, rather than the other way round; quotas are being missed by a…
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“New Age” Selling Requires “New Age” Management
Whatever label we choose to hang on our preferred style of selling, there are now considerable implications for sales management. It is my view that for companies to remain competitive now, their sales organization must be able to respond rapidly and positively to the numerous changing tides.   As businesses strive to establish customer orientation,…
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