Negotiating from the Inside Out

Understand and harness the power of professional negotiating

Sales Negotiations need a clear strategy

When you go into a negotiation you need to be prepared. Companies are going to ask for concessions. As a salesperson, your job is to deal with these throughout the sales process so they do not cause a problem. But let's pretend they still come up - how can you plan for them?

You know what the typical concessions are - so map them out. The important thing with any kind of concession is that you also get your own concession to make this positive for everyone.

If you were to give your client X what would you need to see to make it worthwhile?

By doing this you keep on equal business footing with your prospect and stop making your sale about a discount.


Stop Discounting Today

By understanding how to negotiate, and creating your own internal negotiation matrix, you can stop finding your sales process filled with stalls and objections.

Start closing more deals

If you go into negotiations without a clear plan and strategy you are destined to fail. This book will teach you:

  • The key elements of negotiations so you can understand both sides

  • The negotiation matrix that you can use before you go into each negotiation so everyone wins

  • The path to successful negotiations so that you stop winning by discounting.

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