125 Questions You Can Ask on a Sales Call


Learn how to ask the right questions on a sales call


Learn how to fully understand your prospects situation

125 Questions You Can Ask on a Sales Call

3 Types of Questions to Help You Stop Talking and Start Selling...

Too often, sales professionals make one fundamental mistake. They believe that their job is to sell products or services to clients by explaining why their product is superior.

Success in sales is determined not by the information you give, but rather, by the information you collect.

When you first make direct contact with someone new, you should be spending about 70 percent of the time listening and asking questions and only about 30 percent of the time speaking.

1 - Ask questions that get them talking about their company. Talk about the size of the organisation and the size of the budget for your industry.

2 -Discuss organisational goals. Understand the strategic goals of the company and start thinking about the potential value that your services or products can offer.

3 - Learn about your connection. Remember that sales is about building relationships. This not only means with the company but also with the person actually making the decisions. Ask questions about education, professional interests etc.

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125 Questions to ask in sales meetings


125 Questions You Can Ask on a Sales Call

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