7 Reasons Your Deals Aren't Closing


Understand why your deals aren't closing in order to change your approach and improve sales performance.


How to close more sales by not making the same mistakes as everyone else.

The Secret of Closing

Closing a deal is the culmination of a process, not the result of a tip or trick at the end of a meeting that makes your prospect buy.

Traditional selling involved the ‘Tough Guy’s Selling System’ - Always be Closing, ABC. It doesn’t work and puts too much emphasis on the ‘close’ - when the problem will be earlier in the process using this method.

You want to use the ‘Smart Guy’s Selling System’ - Always be Qualifying, ABQ. If you qualify stringently you can close easily.

In our new guide, we look at 7 reasons your deals might not be closing, and what you can do about it.

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7 Reasons your deals arent closing


Why your deals aren't closing and how to change your fortunes

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