How To Close More Sales

Understanding The Prospects System


By understanding the prospects game, you can stop playing by their rules.


How to close more sales by using a proven sales system for success.

The 'Buyer-Seller Dance'

Understanding the difference between the prospects buying system and your sales system is the first key to winning more sales.

Do you find that when you sell you end up doing things you don't want to, like free consulting or price slashing? Do you worry that you never have control over the sale and things never seem to go as you expected?

At Sandler, we call this the 'Buyer-Seller' Dance. If you fit with the buyer's process, you will never be on even footing and nobody gets the right outcome. The answer is not about forcing them to use yours, but to 'call' the process and set yourself on equal footing.

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Understanding the prospects game - how to close more sales


Close more sales by understanding the prospects system.

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