How to Create Real Rapport with your Prospects


Understand how to create real rapport with your prospects and gain equal business stature.


Learn the tactics and techniques to improve your bonding and rapport skills to help you close more deals!

How to Create Real Rapport with your Prospects

How do we create real rapport with clients?

People buy from people they like - so we need to create rapport when we are selling. I am not talking about fake rapport like 'How are you today?' and 'What great offices/Zoom backgrounds you have'. I am talking about real, authentic rapport.

Real rapport creates an environment that is comfortable enough for two parties to take part in a discussion as functional equals. Fake rapport doesn't do that.

So how do you create this rather than falling into the salesperson trap and sounding like everyone else? How do you put yourself on an equal footing with your prospect rather than coming across as subservient?

We put together a whitepaper to walk you through this process. We outline what fake rapport building looks like so that you can avoid it, and give you some ideas and examples that will help you create real rapport and set you and your prospect as equals.


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How to Create Real Rapport with your Prospects

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