Evernote + Sandler

Modern, digital notetaking combined with the Sandler Selling System.

Sales Made Easier

Evernote + Sandler combine to provide centralised storage for all your information, including Sandler’s Sales Mastery templates. Your team and clients can access content from the office or on the road for increased collaboration and connection.

  • Access Your Information Anywhere
    Never look unprepared again. All your organisation's tools, templates, and knowledge are centralised and accessible for leads, contacts, and opportunities.

  • Share Across Your Organisation
    Connect people, teams, and content beyond what is stored in one salesperson’s record. Evernote notes are automatically synced and searchable for everyone in the organisation.

  • Take Great Notes!
    Don’t worry about how you take notes: whiteboard, notebooks, stickies, or even a napkin—Evernote stores them all.

The strategic partnership between Evernote and Sandler includes joint go-to-market collaboration and the opportunity for the Sandler network to provide dynamic Sandler tools, including Sales Mastery, to your clients directly within Evernote at a 10% discount!

10% OFF

Get All the Sandler Sales Tools and Templates in Evernote

Evernote Business makes Sandler’s Tools more user-friendly, collaborative, and accessible. Customers of the Sandler Network can now enjoy access to Evernote at a 10% discount.


How to Succeed

Every week, we take an in-depth look at the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques needed to be more successful in sales and leadership. Get the best practices collected from around the world in our popular podcast.

Free Sandler Templates in Evernote

We have made two of the world-famous Sandler Sales Tools available for all free users of Evernote. You can download these sample tools to get started at taking better notes!

Pre-Call Planner and Debrief Evernote Templates
Sales Pre-Call Planner

Whether you’re creating a strategic business partnership with a prospect or managing an existing client, use this template to store contact information, meeting attendees, keynotes, questions to ask, and even answers to the questions you may be asked.

Call Debrief Tool

After your call, use this template to ensure you get all the information and action steps you need to keep the deal moving forward. Use this template to document questions, red flags, next steps, other people to get involved, and much more.

Get Evernote Business & Sandler Templates for one low price!

Modern, digital notetaking combined with the Sandler Selling System.