A Visionary Leader

David H. Mattson

CEO & President, Sandler Training
"Salespeople and sales managers are made, not born. Sandler provides the framework of best practices to help individuals succeed more quickly and avoid decades of trial and error."

Global Thought Leader

Under his leadership, Sandler has grown to over 250 offices in 32 countries and become a perennial award-winning leader in training and development.

Best-Selling Author

He has written or contributed to many powerful sales and leadership books, including two Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

Ambitious Entrepreneur

Mattson started as a participant in Sandler’s training in the 1980s and was hired by David Sandler, eventually working his way up to CEO in 2007.

Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader

Dave Mattson is a best-selling author, sales and management visionary, and leader of the world’s largest sales effectiveness organization.

David H. Mattson

Best-Selling Author

Dave Mattson is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in sales and leadership, contributing to books, blogs, podcasts, conferences, roundtables, and research around the globe. He is a powerful writer and engaging keynote speaker

A track record of leadership and success.

Dave Mattson has a 30+ year history of success with the Sandler organization.

Training Participant

Mattson started where most of us do with Sandler, in the classroom. A self-avowed introvert, who is now highly successful in sales and in front of large audiences, Mattson says he is proof that Sandler works.

Sales Associate

Mattson began his Sandler career in a sales position, selling local training in Connecticut, where he caught the attention of David Sandler, our founder.

Vice President of Operations

In 1988, he was hired by David Sander to develop programs which would accelerate the success of Sandler’s franchise operations and increase retention.

Chief Operating Officer

Two years later, he was promoted to expand direct sales operations to serve large, global accounts, where he quickly doubled company revenues and transforming the organization.

Vice President of Sales

Another two years later, Mattson was promoted again to expand the Sandler brand. He secured large corporate partnerships, and in 2001, he leveraged technology to create and launch a digital library of training materials that quickly became our most profitable revenue stream, increasing earnings by 65%.

CEO & President

Named CEO by David Sandler’s heirs in 2007, Mattson has led dynamic company growth with a specific focus in global accounts, international operations, and digital technologies. He has launched numerous products and platforms, including the very successful Sandler Online LMS in 2010 and the revolutionary new program, Leadership for Organizational Excellence, in 2018.


Online Learning Platform

As a key component of his positioning strategy, Dave Mattson has focused on digital technologies in his e-strategy, including an on-demand digital library.

An unmatched worldwide network.

Dave Mattson oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s worldwide network of operations serving clients through 250 operating units in 32 countries.

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