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The Sandler Selling System provides seven steps to help you sell successfully. It brings a low-pressure, consultative approach that gives salespeople more control the process.
Build relationships that encourage open communication, honesty and equal business stature.
Establish rules and roles to ensure everyone is aligned, comfortable with the conversation and ready to do business.
Understand your prospect's key challenges and uncover how your offer can help overcome them.
Uncover the limitations of what your prospect is willing to spend regarding time, funds and resources.
Create a plan for the decision-making and buying processes - who, when, what, where, why, and how?
Propose a solution to solve your prospect’s problem within the agreed budget and aligned to the decision-making process.
Decide on the next steps, propose future business, and prevent buyer’s remorse and losing the sale to the competition.
The Next Evolution of Sales

The Next Evolution of Sales

  • David Sandler collaborated with clinical psychologists to develop a highly effective approach to sales that truly breaks the mould.
  • The Sandler Selling System prioritises mutual respect, clarity and transparency, and qualifying decision-making.
  • Our system takes the pressure off salespeople and prospects, allowing all parties to enjoy the process.  

Traditional sales training teaches you how to get better at playing the sales game. Our system eliminates the need to play the game.

Why Salespeople Fail... and what you can do about it.

Why Salespeople Fail... and what you can do about it.

Salespeople and sales leaders can use our sales system to take control of each stage of the sales process and increase their potential.

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