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At Sandler UK, we have a cutting-edge platform to support online learners interested in developing their careers, with sales training content, tools and applications available on-demand from anywhere with an internet connection.
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Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
Advanced Technologies Applied Strategically
Take responsibility for your training and learn in your own time wherever you feel comfortable, with all your favourite learning modes available on-demand.
  • Proven Curriculums

    Access carefully-developed, time-tested, proven sales training and programmes with comprehensive customisable courses to help you develop a common language and standardise processes.
  • Valuable Resources

    Easily search and select from our extensive library of on-demand resources tackling everything you need to know about sales and leadership, including those to help you overcome challenges outside the standard scope of the training curriculum.
  • Aids, Tools & Playbooks for Virtual Working

    Apply the top strategies and techniques from on-the-job training using our downloadable guides, expert tools and customisable aids, all of which can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.
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Flexible Accelerated Learning

Our state-of-the-art online learning platform provides all the content, tools and apps you need, available at the touch of a button.
Select from a comprehensive range of sales and leadership topics, lessons and content. Pick material relevant to your work.
Start learning whenever and wherever suits you best. Self-learning courses mean there's no need to fit into anyone else's schedule.
Learn with your preferences and choose resources that fit your learning style, including podcasts, workbooks and videos.
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This guide offers the ultimate selection of curated content designed to take your sales game to the next level. Get instant access to hundreds of top podcasts, whitepapers, reports, webinar recordings, ebooks and courses.
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Instantly Search and Access Proven Tactics, Strategies & Tools

Instantly Search and Access Proven Tactics, Strategies & Tools

Leverage the collective knowledge of 50 years of research into business compiled by 1,000+ sales trainers, 1 million salespeople, and thousands of leaders.


Individual Accountability

Learners can control when, where, and how they study the topics that relate to their work. So they can be as fast or as thorough as they feel necessary.


Compressed Time

Save time by finding and focusing on the topics and resource types that are most important and helpful for you, including just-in-time learning that will help you learn what you need to succeed as quickly as possible.


Assessments & Reporting

Learners and leaders can easily and accurately track results, benchmark performance, and assess skill development with integrated analytics and reporting on CRM systems or other tech platforms.
Totara Learning’s Best Education & Training Project

Totara Learning’s Best Education & Training Project

Self-Guided Sales Training

Self-Guided Sales Training

Sandler UK’s advanced online platform will help you educate and support all types of learners through content, tools, apps and on-demand access.

Study at your own pace, leveraging a long list of online courses and extensive resources. Enrol today.


Sales Training


Zero-Pressure Prospecting

Discover the best practices of leading salespeople to take the pressure off potential clients by learning these helpful techniques to fill your pipeline, leverage top technology, and set better sales meetings.

Advisor Launch Accelerator

A unique, comprehensive curriculum for the financial services, insurance and banking industries. The accelerator is designed for new advisors looking for a flying start.

Successful Social Selling

For salespeople who want to leverage the latest technology, info, and social networks to sell, this social prospecting and selling course will help you develop relationships and start productive sales conversations through social media.

Negotiation Mastery

This nine-part course will teach you how to achieve win-win agreements and land complex deals, including enterprise selling, by negotiating discounts and ensuring the other side leaves thinking they have a great deal.

The Sandler Selling System

Discover how to succeed in sales from the experts at Sandler UK. Learn vital sales skills with this unique, proven sales system and microlearning collection that will help you elevate your approach.

Leadership & Management


Creating a Bulletproof Business

Most leaders are passionate, and if they had better ideas for how to grow their company, they would use them. However, even the most passionate leaders can struggle to tackle blind spots and bottlenecks. Learn how to overcome these and many more leadership and management hurdles currently preventing your business from thriving.

Sandler UK’s Sales Leadership Rules

This course will help you develop best practices for sales leaders to be implemented immediately with members of your sales team. Join this open and honest discussion on the strategies and tactics that are most useful to sales managers led by Dave Mattson, Sandler’s President and CEO.

Professional Development



Get insights into how to set effective goals and develop solid plans and strategies to achieve them. Study this workshop at your own pace to establish a clear path forward for your business. As our Founder David H. Sandler said: 'Decide what you want, build a plan, and you can bet on the outcome!'.

Handling Difficult People

This course examines what makes people and situations difficult and how our proven techniques can help you counter them. Find out how to solve problems and help customers while maintaining confidence, developing self-esteem and learning about yourself and others.

No Guts, No Gain!

Learn how to get tougher, seize control of your life and career, and make more sales. Sign up for this anti-wimp course to learn how to identify and overcome the obstacles preventing your success.
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