Call Centres 

Sales, customer service, and leadership training for call centres.

Call Centre Challenges

It’s clear call centre selling is unlike any other form of selling, from the lack of face-to-face interaction to the short time frames and high pressure to perform. However, Sandler can help you design, support, and run a profitable call centre, inbound and outbound.

We help call centre leaders who are looking to get more reps to:
  • Make connections and start more interesting sales conversations.

  • Close deals without discounting and sell at premium prices.

  • Identify and capitalise on upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Sell more and get more warm referrals.

Sandler Works in Call Centres!

We have served sales, leadership, and customer service professionals from thousands of organisations, with millions of participants, around the world for over 50 years. We have developed specialised programs and published books for call centres.

We help call centres to develop salespeople who can:
  • Find more of upselling opportunities and start no-pressure conversations.

  • Build trust through an open, honest exchange of information.

  • Negotiate win-win deals with mutual respect and equal business stature.

  • Meet and exceed your sales and profitability goals!

30,000+ people trained per year

500,000~ hours of training around the globe each year


50% more salespeople hit quotas than those without Sandler


88% of salespeople said their sales strategy improved


96% of clients polled would recommend Sandler

Prospect The Sandler Way Book

Prospect The Sandler Way

Author John Rosso shares the secrets of prospecting to ensure you always have a full pipeline and grwoing business.

Getting your prospecting right is critical to the success of your company - find out how you can succeed when prospecting.

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