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This training programme teaches sales professionals all skills needed to suit today’s continually evolving sales environment.
Through this flexible programme, you will develop more confidence in your sales team as they learn to tackle the trickiest sales situations with savvy buyers.
Are Your Selling Strategies Working?

Are Your Selling Strategies Working?

  • Developing a sales team is a challenge especially in today’s global market of self-educated, savvy prospects.
  • Whether you’re leading a sales team or closing deals yourself, there are many potential pitfalls, such as limiting self-beliefs, the changing marketplace, unique prospect challenges and – of course – competing organisations.

Are You Tired of Your Salespeople:

  • Giving prospects expert advice and ideas only to have them buy from the competition? 
  • Spending time chasing leads who said they were interested when they were not?
  • Presenting to prospects who either can’t or won’t make the decision?
  • Having leads use their sales proposals as bargaining chips during negotiations with other sellers?
  • Getting sales deals derailed with continual stalls or objections?
  • Working too hard to prospect and find qualified new leads?
  • Feeling frustrated while not making headway on your company goals?
  • Searching for new ways to find prospects without cold calling?
  • Providing inconsistent sales forecasts and results?

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Are You Ready To:

  • Get control of your organisation’s sales process?
  • Manage a team of respected contributors and sales masters?
  • Close more deals more profitably, faster and easier?
  • Start having fun with sales and be a professional, not a babysitter? 
  • Ensure your team know how to qualify prospects before wasting time and resources chasing them?

If so, it might be time to learn why classic sales strategies fail and what we do differently at Sandler UK. Learn how to leverage the Sandler philosophy to your advantage.

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Achieve Sales Success

Achieve Sales Success

  • The Sales Mastery programme is a collection of the best sales practices from 50+ years of sales training. 
  • This programme is built with timeless communication techniques, sales strategies, and principles of sales success that accelerate your team’s journey towards complete sales mastery. 
  • Develop a shared language and process to efficiently expand your sales team’s skillsets.
  • Leverage your team’s knowledge of your business and apply it quickly and effectively to identify, qualify progress, and close deals.
  • Build cutting-edge prospecting and sales strategies for topline revenue growth.
  • Improve the attitudes and behaviours required to reach new levels of sales success.
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The Sandler Selling System


Our bold, take-charge approach to sales and overcoming its challenges will turn the tables on prospects and ensure negotiations and the whole sales process are firmly under your control.

The system will change the way you approach sales for the better, but for it to work, you will need your team to develop with you and embrace the change.

Your sales team only needs the desire to improve, the willingness to use what they learn, and the dedication to use it to close more deals.

As a sales leader, you’re a crucial part of this process, responsible for holding your team accountable and supporting them as they learn and grow.

Develop a Team of Sales Masters

Our Sales Mastery training programme will help your sales team consistently:

  1. Qualify prospects and uncover their real needs.
  2. Disengage from situations that are likely to waste their time.
  3. Structure sales conversations to boost effectiveness.
  4. Improve prospecting and hone their lead acquisition skills.


  • The Sales Mastery training programme is not a basic, quick-fix seminar filled with short-lived enthusiasm and catchy clichés.
  • It’s an ongoing programme designed with proven communication and psychological theories, powerful sales strategies and impactful techniques that your team can leverage in every conversation with every prospect!

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Committed to Continuous Improvement

The Sandler Methodology blends cutting-edge research on adult learning with sales success principles and techniques that Founder, David Sandler, used in his original, groundbreaking training course.

  • Each interactive training session includes a captivating combination of:

– Easy-to-follow lessons

– Real-world examples and role-plays

– Problem-solving exercises

– Ongoing learning reinforcement with additional resources.

Our experienced expert trainers will give your team plenty of one-to-one feedback and coaching, while they also benefit from the active involvement of the other sales professionals in the training programme.

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The Ongoing Journey to Sales Mastery


Starting your sales mastery journey is the most critical part. Join our training programme, pursue excellence and achieve sales success.

We will show how to apply your learning through a series of exercises, role plays, case studies and group activities.

Benefit from easy-access online courses with a comprehensive selection of engaging training resources, podcasts, and sales tools to enhance every lesson.
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Crash a Class

Learn how Sandler UK goes beyond the book and breaks the sales training mould by implementing ground-level solutions for sales teams that improve processes, performance, and results.
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