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We empower sales leaders and managers to develop skills through results-driven training programmes and advanced tools.
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Our Sales Leader Surveys Revealed:
Sandler UK Research

Our Sales Leader Surveys Revealed:

  • 40% of sales leaders don’t have the right skills to effectively train their teams on all aspects of pipeline management
  • 43% of sales leaders don’t receive sufficient training
  • A third of sales managers leave their job in the first 3 years


Lead Your Team to Success
Comprehensive Sales Leadership

Lead Your Team to Success

Sales leaders have a huge responsibility. We know the skills and tools you need to thrive as a leader and how to help you develop into a vital, results-orientated, strategic leader.

  • Improve leadership & communication skills
  • Find, hire and retain top talent
  • Create a culture of responsibility and accountability
  • Develop a training mindset
  • Accelerate performance progression

Overcome Your Biggest Leadership Challenges

Often sales leaders are often seen as responsible for the success and failure of the whole business. But building and leading a team that can hit targets requires ongoing support.
Finding, selecting, and onboarding new salespeople presents a big challenge, and the costs of poor staff retention are high.
Helping your team constantly fight fires makes it impossible to dedicate enough time to motivating, leading and training the team.
Too often, sales leaders do not have the training to keep team members motivated, on track and performing well.
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Elevate Sales Performance with Leadership Sales Training

We have all the solutions to help you make effective learning and development part of your successful leadership approach.


Sales Leader Growth

Join us for this sales leadership best practices training programme with nine customisable courses and three learning paths to suit leaders in every situation.


Bulletproof Business

Identify and overcome blindspots, roadblocks and issues that restrict your organisation’s growth.


Achieve Organisational Excellence

Learn how our tried and tested processes can evaluate performance, drive improvement and allow you to transform your business for the better.


Sandler UK Management Solution

Get help with recruiting, onboarding, training, mentoring and leading a high-performance sales team effectively and efficiently.


Sandler UK’s Sales Leadership Rules

Explore sales leadership and management strategies, rules and techniques that you can quickly action with your team members.
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Challenges Solved by Sandler UK

Overcome your biggest sales painpoints

Sales CRO, CCO, VP

  • Wasting resources on low-probability leads and low-reward accounts?
  • Missing sales and lead generation opportunities?
  • Overcome by roadblocks and stalled opportunities?
  • Too reliant on a small team of key salespeople?
  • Insufficient pipeline data and lacking insights in board-level reports?

Sales Enablement

  • Sales team not keeping up with buyers’ increasing expectations?
  • Wasting time discussing the basics during intro meetings?
  • Salespeople struggling to expand your client base?
  • Sales team not spending sufficient time selling?

Sales Operations

  • Forecasting inaccurate due to sellers missing key info?
  • Unable to scale due to unstructured, informal, and restrictive sales processes?
  • Problems leveraging modern tech due to lacking data?
  • Too much time spent on inefficient research?

Customer Success

  • Customer handover process unclear or undefined?
  • Lacking resources for strong customer support of key accounts?
  • Struggling to provide value across customer lifecycles to get ahead of renewals?
  • Looking to expand your client base while avoiding increasing client churn rates?
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