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Discover how to work smarter, and sell more, easily by leveraging the world-famous Sandler Selling System.
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Sales training and tools to solve the industry’s toughest challenges


Finding and Closing Sufficient Profitable Deals

Plenty of salespeople struggle to connect with enough prospects and close enough deals to meet revenue goals

Taking Prospects Through the Buyer Journey

Prospects require a consultative approach that adds value throughout the sales process

Eroding Profit with Discounts and Concessions

Prospects can use your expertise, demonstrate commitment, and still expect large discounts when they don’t connect the value to pain

Expanding Accounts with Customer Success

You should be ensuring customer loyalty and advocacy far beyond the initial sale

Sandler Sales Training Solutions

Learn to accelerate sales growth with our training:

  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Launch high-impact essential sales training
  • Accelerate your career success by enhancing your execution
  • Ensure continuous improvement to excel at selling with accountability and coaching

Transformative, Results-Driven Sales Training Solutions

Sandler UK is helping elevate the stature of sales by supporting sales professionals and leaders to master the craft of selling.


Sales Foundations

Accelerate your journey to sales mastery, personal growth, and lifelong development in sales. Get this introduction to the Sandler Selling System core principles and learn how it can help you easily increase sales.


Sales Mastery

Understand the best sales practices, strategies, skills, buyer psychology and success principles to take your sales career to the next level and elevate lifelong career achievement.


Sales Certification

This is our verified learning path towards sales mastery, there to help you develop awareness and knowledge and apply new techniques to establish habits to sustain them.


Enterprise Selling

A special training programme designed to help you overcome key challenges relating to winning, maintaining, and growing major accounts. Understand team selling and how to organise a company-wide approach to winning key accounts.


Negotiating Mastery

Discover how to negotiate a win-win agreement with prospects, tackling the most complex deals with professionalism, equal business stature and mutual respect.
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Consistent, Long-Term Success

Elevating the Stature of Sales Through Market-Leading Training, Application and Reinforcement

Develop Productive Habits

Drive success with a ‘more, better or different’ approach to your goal-setting, plans and actions
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Reinforce Positive Thinking

Bolster self-belief and positive belief in your organisation, team members and the entire marketplace
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Execute Cutting-Edge Strategies

Learn to apply effective, innovative strategies and tactics with the appropriate organisation and leadership
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Deliver Performance

Drive performance improvement of the whole sales organisation
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Master the Sales Craft and Hit New Levels of Achievement

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