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Salespeople often have zero formal training or common strong processes to execute this role
This leads to misconceptions and poor performance which have made sales one of the most hated professions
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In the US, sales is the most common profession. But, despite this, people grow up with dreams of working in sales.

  • Start having more interesting and engaging sales conversations
  • Distinguish yourself to gain a competitive edge
  • Know where to focus your time and energy most effectively
  • Learn to consistently and reliably push deals forward
  • Close more deals without complicated negotiations or discounts

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Best ROI Of Any Sales Training Provider

More than a million professionals choose to train with Sandler. So you can be sure your team has found the perfect partner for SalesMastery. We believe personal growth and continuous improvement come hand in hand, so we focus on helping salespeople succeed professionally and personally. 

The Sandler Foundations

The Sandler Foundations is where your training journey with us officially begins. It’s a 10-lesson intro course that provides a full overview of the Sandler Selling System with all the info you need to drive rapid improvement in your sales performance.
Harness the power of our seven-step sales process. Take your existing sales approach to the next level and develop effective sales processes and sales language for your team.
Leverage our easy-to-follow frameworks to understand yourself and others better while learning how to communicate effectively with prospects, clients, and internal teams.
Establish agendas and guidelines for productive sales conversations to regain control from the beginning of the sales process.
Improve your questioning strategies to gather more crucial information, gain a greater understanding of your prospects, and help them uncover their requirement and how you can help them.
Learn our powerful discovery process that will help you understand buyer motivations, push deals forward and ensure everyone is clear on the order of business and what to expect from the deal.
Find out how to get truthful information about budget restrictions, what prospects are willing to spend and if they can afford your offerings.
Learn how to uncover prospects’ decision-making processes, find out who's involved and how to detect, avoid and remove obstacles and bottlenecks before they become problems.
Get help creating effective presentations, proposals, or quotes to reinforce sales and steadily close deals while setting the stage for future business and referrals.
Delve into your techniques, attitude and behaviours to find ways to increase your chances of sustainable success in your career and personal life.
Identify your ideal client persona and find the best mix of prospecting activities so you can craft engaging 30-second commercials and ensure a predictable, sustainable sales pipeline.
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Learn how Sandler UK goes beyond the book and breaks the sales training mould by implementing ground-level solutions for sales teams that improve processes, performance, and results.
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