David H. Sandler

Founder of Sandler Training, Creator of the Sandler Selling System
"Traditional selling always left me feeling that I was underpaid, overworked and worn out."
"Neither the thrill of the sale nor the money made me think it was worthwhile."
David Sandler, Founder of Sandler Training & Selling System

David Sandler, Founder of Sandler Training & Selling System

In 1966, David Sandler was working in outside sales and received 87 rejections in a row – something was wrong. Let down by the traditional approach of enthusiastic pitches and high-pressure closing, he decided to try something new…

The result was the innovative and highly successful Sandler Selling System , an approach that quickly became the most prized, popular and efficient way to sell.

The Problem with Traditional Selling


Wasting time chasing unqualified prospects who will never buy.

They either don’t need the product, can’t afford it, or don’t have the power to make the buying decision - all of them waste valuable time.

Getting used by prospects as an unpaid consultant.

Prospects frequently ask questions to collect information on prices, scopes, methodologies, etc. Then they go to a competitor or address their problem in-house.

Premature ‘no’s or ‘I want to think it over’s.

Prospects were far too likely to dismiss things with a ‘no’ before properly considering the opportunity and it was rare to get any decision made.

The Sales Solution

  • David Sandler worked as a clinical psychologist to develop a new, innovative approach to sales that tore down the negative stereotypes of salespeople.
  • With a focus on mutual respect, clarity, and qualifying decisions, Sandler changed the sales game forever.
  • This new selling system does away with high-pressure tactics, allowing salespeople and prospects to enjoy the process of selling and buying.


The Sandler Selling System

Traditional sales training helps you improve your play of the sales game. Our system prevents the game from being played at all - this is how we do it:

1. Building & Sustaining Relationships

  • We show you how to lead the buyer/seller and take control by establishing clear expectations, guidelines for decision-making, and honest, open relationships with prospects.

2. Qualifying Opportunities

  • With Sandler, you will learn how to efficiently and accurately determine if a prospect is worth your time by unpicking their requirements, budget, timeline, and decision-making process.

3. Closing Sales

  • Once a prospect is qualified, our system will allow you to make an engaging, no-pressure presentation, confirm the sale, agree on deliverables, and get referrals.

Sandler Selling System
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Find out why salespeople and their managers so frequently fail to sell and discover a sales system that will allow you to take control of the process, increase sales and further your career.


Reinforcement Training


Give Trainees Time to Change

At Sandler, we understand that changing your assumptions and practices takes time. We encourage participants to question us, return with new problems, and leverage our expertise to overcome fresh challenges as they occur.

Improve Habits & Behaviours

Our participants are empowered to use new concepts, replace unproductive habits, and develop sustainable action plans that drive sales mastery.

Practice Makes Perfect.

We give all our participants ample opportunity and encouragement to practice our techniques through simulations, role plays and many more low-risk situations.

David H. Sandler

Sales technique is important, but salespeople who use their techniques with the right attitude and behaviour go to the bank most often.

The Sandler Success Triangle
Dave Sandler discovered these three vital elements for ensuring success.
  • Attitude

    Your perception and beliefs about yourself, your organisation, and the market massively impact how you sell and the lengths you will go to succeed.
  • Behaviour

    Your goals, plans and actions determine what you do, how you do it, and when. But your behaviour, discipline, guts and approach determine the speed and level of your success.
  • Technique

    Your specific tactics, strategies and presence will impact the effectiveness of your behaviour, attitude and actions, dramatically improving your chances of overall success!

You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

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The sales leaders and teams that follow these proven principles elevate their approach, developing from mediocre performance to sales superstardom.

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