Sandler Sales Methodology Immersion Programme

Learn the Proven Process for Winning New Businesses, Quicker, With Better Margins
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The Three Pillars of Success


Expert-Led Training

Actionable sales strategies you can immediately use to improve your sales process.

Techniques & Behaviours

Develop productive habits that put you in control of the sales process.

Continual Reinforcement

Keep connected with Sandler UK and benefit from ongoing support, helping you maintain best practices.

20th October - 8th December

Develop vital skills and approaches to gracefully overcome objections and roadblocks, proactively engage key decision-makers, and disqualify leads decisively to preserve your resources for more likely deals.

  • 8x 90-minute virtual training sessions
  • 8x Sessions delivered weekly over 8 weeks
  • Prep and Post-session work

Class Plan:

  • Pre-Programme Begin with our individual intake
  • The Programme Start learning with 8 immersive virtual learning sessions.
  • Post Programme Continuing your learning journey with 8 follow-up sessions.

Focus Topics

Benefit from Sandler's proven sales system and start landing win-win deals while maintaining mutual respect and equal business stature when you develop your understanding of these key areas:

  • Supportive Mindsets for Changeable Markets
  • Differentiate & Enhance Your Approach
  • Strategic Questioning & Objection Handling
  • Reducing the Sales Cycle
  • Decision-Making Process Mapping
  • Uncovering Buyer Motivations
  • Closing Deals Efficiently & Consistently
  • Successfully Managing Budget Discussions

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Changing The Game

"We changed the game. Now we don’t waste time on bad deals or chase RFPs like our competitors do. We create opportunities and Sandler made all the difference in helping us do that."
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Expected Training Outcomes

Learn How to Close Better Deals, Quicker

  • Apply a proven system to every sales opportunity
  • Conduct business conversations, not sales pitches
  • Create equal business stature with prospects and buyers
  • Engage key players early and eliminate future roadblocks
  • Apply 3 key metrics to qualify or disqualify an opportunity
  • Close high-quality deals consistently, predictable and with higher margins

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