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Start Your Organisational Excellence Training Journey

Sandler UK’s Leadership for Organisational Excellence programme is the ideal training to help you uncover blind spots, gain transparency, and allow your organisation to move forward to success. 

The keys to overcoming organisational challenges lie with a proven leadership model – the Six Ps.

Organisational Excellence: The Six Ps



Lay out your priorities and determine how your business can support these. Let’s start by naming your three key priorities for your business.



Decide on your perfect organisational chart. What do each of the job roles entail and require, and what staff attitudes and habits should be avoided?



Understand the skillsets of your existing employees, which are aligned with your strategy and who might need some training to get them up to speed. Which current employees will fit in immediately with the strategic plan? Discover how to recruit, train, and retain talent to fill the skills gaps effectively.



You need a documented and formalised set of best practices and clearly defined processes. Consider which processes need to be adapted and which need to be developed from scratch.



Reports and dashboards are crucial for tracking progress and ensuring success. How can you build these for specific job roles, and how should you conduct performance analysis?



Strong passion and lots of energy are required to push businesses forward. Make your journey to success a way of life, not a short-term project. Learn how to leverage your passion for your business to motivate people across your organisation.
Invest in your future and the success of your business!

  • Around 50% of the people promoted to C-level leadership roles underperform.
  • Cross-functional teams you enrol in our Leadership for Organisational Excellence course will become unified, collaborative, and driven to achieve shared goals.
  • Promote working towards organisational breakthroughs that enhance strategy, processes and implementation.

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Crash A Class

Find out why Sander UK trainers are respected and how they go beyond the book to execute ground-up solutions that help sales teams elevate processes, performance and results.
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The Road to Excellence

  • This best-selling book by David Mattson will guide you in determining what barriers stand between your business and organisation excellence and how you can overcome them.

Uncover Your Blind Spots

Get this tried and tested survey template that will help you identify the professional blind spots that are preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

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