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Identifying What’s Holding Back Your Sales Team and Learn How to Improve Performance
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Your Key to Overcoming Sales Team Challenges
For leaders looking to take their sales team to the next level but are unsure of the best approach.
Team Assessments

Team Assessments

Ask yourself:

  • Do your salespeople and managers understand the sales objectives necessary to hit company-wide revenue goals?
  • Do you have a consistent sales methodology that’s understood and used by everyone?
  • Do your salespeople and managers understand your success-critical key performance indicators?
  • Do you know the skillsets required to be a top-performing salesperson in your organisation?
  • Have you developed a process to identify your team’s skill gaps and a training plan to eliminate them?

If these questions are relevant to you, we have the answers.

Achieve Your Potential For Sales Success

Achieve Your Potential For Sales Success

You must understand three key elements to reach the top level of success in your life and business. 

  1. Where are you currently?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How can you get there?

Our evaluation process, starting with the Team Assessment, will help you define your current reality and set the optimum performance benchmarks.

With this info, we will help uncover gaps in your team’s current attitudes, behaviours and techniques and develop custom training plans to remove those gaps.

Assessments & Analysis

  • The Team Assessment provides a deep dive into how your sales team operates, your management strategies, and your key problem areas for the training to focus on. It also offers a blueprint for recruiting additional salespeople.
  • The online survey tool takes salespeople and their managers through 36 topics relating to sales activities to understand the importance of each activity and their effectiveness in performing it.
  • For sales team members, the questions focus on the key selling skills.
  • For sales managers the same topics are explored from a leadership and management perspective. 
  • The analysis identifies the biggest gaps between the activity’s importance and effectiveness at an individual, sales team or company-wide level.

How it Works
The Team Assessment provides greater clarity, transparency and understanding. Then, our team of experts create a tailored consulting, training and coaching plan that strengthens your sales team, elevates performance, and makes a positive impact where you need it most.
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