Leading Your Organisation to Optimise Revenue Growth


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3 Steps to Leading An Organisation For Optimal Revenue Growth

2021 was a trying year for most businesses. But, thanks to our wealth of sales experience, the team at Sandler UK have the expertise to help businesses survive and thrive. Take a look at this three-step guide for business leaders trying to ensure revenue growth. Written in 2021, this guide still includes useful insights for the modern business leaders of today. 

Step one: Map customers and accounts

The first thing all sales leaders should address is to take stock of their current customers and accounts. You can use the KARE strategy to categorise each. KARE stand for:

  • K – Keep, concentrating on holding onto those top clients. 
  • A – Attain, start targeting your top accounts. 
  • R – Recapture, try to win back those lapsed accounts. 
  • E – Expand, upsell and increase sales with existing clients. 

Step two: Get salespeople to list their top five

You should use your sales team to gain a clear idea of the top opportunities. This means asking each member of the team to ask the following questions:

  • What are your top five clients?
  • Who are your top five former clients? 
  • Who are your top five prospects? 
  • Who are the top five clients that you feel could expand your deals with/upsell?

Step three: Formualise your playbook 

We estimate that over half of sales professionals achieve sixty per cent or less of their sales quota. This means there is usually an opportunity to improve your approach and processes. Creating a playbook of best practices for your team will mean everyone is on the same page and has easy access to info on all the scripts, methodologies, processes and resources they need to sell successfully. In this way, you can drive sales by ensuring your proven and preferred approaches are consistently followed by every member of your sales team. Keep in mind that the playbook should be reviewed periodically and any new effective sales approaches or changes to processes can be incorporated.  

Sales leadership training sessions

For all-encompassing training in sales leadership strategies, techniques, and beyond, Sandler UK is the perfect partner. Our training sessions cater to business leaders and sales professionals throughout the UK who seek to increase sales and seal deals. Attend our in-person training sessions at one of our numerous local training centres, or get in touch with us to discover how our team of sales professionals can assist you.

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