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Your Guide to The Sandler System for Sales

At Sandler UK, our team of sales experts has developed a revolutionary selling system that will help you maximize success and close deals with top prospects. In this complimentary guide, we will talk through how The Sandler System varies from the traditional sales system, how it works, and who it’s for. 

The traditional selling system

The common sales systems used today actually date back hundreds of years. Whether they recognise it or not, over time buyers have developed a defensiveness to the traditional techniques. They don’t feel comfortable giving away too much info and what to get all the details before making a decision. This can slow things down for salespeople and often pushes them into a role similar to an unpaid consultant. Even though they may still be unsure of what the buyer specifically wants to know about. 

The Sandler System

Other sales training organisations can do a good job at helping you to learn how to better play the games involved in traditional selling systems. At Sandler UK, we have developed a proven three-stage system that allows you to avoid these games completely. 

Stage one: Building and sustaining the relationship

Learn how to take the lead in the buyer-seller dance. Our system will help you set clear expectations and guidelines to help you develop an open and honest relationship with buyers. 

Stage two: Qualifying  

Avoid wasting time on prospects that are not right for you. With The Sandler System, you can easily determine if your offer is a good fit for the prospect. We will help you identify prospects’ needs, budgets, decision-making processes, and timelines.

Stage three: Closing the sale

Once you have qualified the prospects, our system will help you steer them toward buying. We will teach you how to provide no-pressure presentations that get fantastic results and improve the chances of prospects agreeing to buy. We will then set expectations for delivery, results, and referrals. 

For more details on The Sandler System and how you can use it to drive sales for your business, please check out our free-to-download guide. 

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