Sandler Research Report | The Client Experience


The Client Experience-Sandler Research Center

As our previous surveys have shown, client retention helps with long-term business growth. This is why we furthered our research to determine how creating an engaging experience for your clients can be equally as important. 

Proactive Methods of Client Success

Our data shows that companies who create proactive methods of retaining clients have the ability to gain a deeper understanding of both the buyer’s long-term goals and the overall business climate.

This perspective has assisted us in creating five key principles for our research into the client experience:

  1. The Client Journey
  2. Identifying “Critical Moments”
  3. Benchmarking for Client Satisfaction
  4. Engaging the Team
  5. Sustaining Symbiotic Value

Building Mutual Profitability   

The data we collected shows that top-performing organizations know how to strike a balance between achieving immediate results and fully developing their client relationships. They understand the value behind a positive client experience. This mutual effort offers the chance to:

  • Increase spend and loyalty while reducing cost.
  • Promote your company through positive word-of-mouth.
  • Differentiate you from your competition.
  • Justify premium prices for your products and services.