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The Four Pillars of Sales Tech: How to Optimise Your Sales Process

By David Mattson, President and CEO, Sandler

What is the intersection between optimal sales leadership… and the optimal use of today’s technology? As President and CEO of Sandler, I’ve come to recognise four areas that require attention.

Collaborative Learning at Sandler

By Lisa Ellis

In this article, I want to share our key takeaway, the one big idea that drives the design and delivery of our training programmes, the “big andragogical idea” that shapes what learning with Sandler can and should look like. That big idea is collaboration.

The Sandler Coaching Contract

By Bill Bartlett

Without trust, effective sales coaching is impossible, and without a good coaching contract, trust between salesperson and coach is virtually impossible.

Aligning Sales and Marketing for CRM Success: Four Keys for Motivating Your Sales Team to Embrace the System… and Create Data-Driven Accountability

By Kerri Martinek

Sales and marketing alignment: leaders talk about it. They say it’s what they want. They notice when it’s not happening. But they don’t always offer a clear explanation of what sales and marketing alignment really is.

Sandler’s Top 20 ChatGPT Prompts for Salespeople

By Mike Montague

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every interaction counts. You need every edge you can get to create conversations, win deals, and close more business. Learn how to create content, edit and fine-tune ChatGPT answers, personalize your pitch, and expand your prospecting outreach with AI.

I Asked ChatGPT 4 to Role Play With Me. This Is Word-for-Word How It Came Out.

By Paul Lanigan

I’d like to role play an example with you. Imagine we are in a breakout session. Set up a customer facing scenario where you play the customer and I play the sales person. I want you to conduct a realistic conversation with me.


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