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The Five Keys to Successful Virtual Selling

By Michael Norton

Today, the tactics and strategies of “virtual selling” are, for most of us, deeply embedded within the profession of selling itself. Salespeople are expected to execute some variation on an “omnichannel” sales process. But what, exactly, is the best way to do that?

Why Your Onboarding is Probably Costing You Sales Talent

By Karl Graf

It’s estimated that the cost of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding a new salesperson costs a company between $75,000 and $300,000 per rep. Unfortunately for most companies, their onboarding programme contributes directly to those new reps leaving.

Pre-Call Planning: The Ultimate Virtual Selling Weapon

By Patrick McManamon

We live in an era when virtual selling has, in many industries, all but eclipsed face-to-face, in-person selling. Yet for some reason, salespeople often fail to prepare effectively for remote sales discussions.

Three Powerful Strategies for Selling Value in a Down Market

By Stephanie van Dam

These three powerful best practices will make it easier for you to connect with, and sell to, the right prospects, even in a down market.

Navigating to Decision Makers in the Enterprise Sale: The Twelve Critical Sandler Best Practices

By Mark McGraw

How do we expand our relationships within our prospective accounts and our existing accounts? Over nearly a decade, with the help of my clients and the good folks at Sandler, I’ve formalised a list of twelve critical Sandler best practices for navigating to decision makers in the enterprise sale.

Hiring, Onboarding, and Retaining Sales Talent in a Hybrid Workplace

By Suzette Patterson

Let’s address a question that leaders too often skip over: Why do good salespeople leave a company? It’s not always about the salary; many other factors can cause key employees to start searching for another job.

Transformative Video from the Sandler Summit: What Is Your USX – Your Unique Sales Experience?

By Sandler

As technology improves it’s becoming easier and easier for buyers to not engage with the sales rep. And those buyers are voting with their purchase decisions. So, the question becomes: How has the successful salesperson’s value proposition to even engage in the sales process changed?

The Five Best Practices of Effective Sales Leaders

By David Mattson, President and CEO, Sandler

These are practical leadership skills that we can internalise through action, day after day, until they become consistent, predictable behaviours.


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