How to Sell to the Modern Buyer


David Mattson’s new book updates and expands the classic list of selling rules.

On September 22nd, Sandler CEO David Mattson kicked off the proceedings at the 2022 Sandler Virtual Summit with an overview of his new book, How to Sell to the Modern Buyer. The book presents a revised and expanded summary of Sandler’s classic list of rules for selling professionals.

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Mattson’s powerful new work offers a close look at the modern buying journey. It examines how that journey has changed over time, what it looks like today, and how you can adapt to it and yet still stay true to your sales methodology.

“Buyers are more educated than in years past,” Mattson writes. “But that’s not the only change. There are likely to be more decision-makers involved in any given purchase, trends in digital buying have accelerated, and a lot more buyers are inclined to hold salespeople at arm’s length. And of course, people at all levels of the buying organisation are using a dizzying array of communication platforms. The technology has changed, the way we interact with our customers has changed, and the social and cultural norms have certainly changed. So how do we adapt to the modern buyer journey…but still stay true to our sales methodology? How do we find the sweet spot that allows us to do both of those things?”

At the Virtual Summit, Mattson shared some powerful principles from the new book for doing just that – and he also previewed the updated and expanded Sandler Rules. The list now includes a number of rules that address the realities of digital age selling. (For instance: Leverage technology to engage, not to hide.)

This one is an exciting program! To watch the replay for the September 22 Sandler Virtual Summit, click here.