Yes, You Can Take A Day Off


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Yes, You Can Take A Day Off

Escape the Nine Traps of Growing Your Small Business

Want to know the nine traps that bring on burnout, spread you too thin, and stall business growth?

Yes, You Can Take a Day Off provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to  overcome and steer clear of toxic misconceptions so you can take your business to the next level.


David Hiatt

David Hiatt is Director of Franchise Development and Leadership for Organizational Excellence at Sandler Systems, Inc. He is the author of From the Board Room to the Living Room: Communicate with Skill for Positive Outcomes.

Susan Hance Sykes

Susan Sykes is a nationally recognized sales and management performer in the technology sector. She supports business leaders by sharing first-hand experience in hiring, developing, and managing sales teams, growing market share and revenue, and setting business-acquisition plans.


Should be required reading

Should be required reading for anyone responsible for the survival and success of a business.

Joe Hartsfield | CEO Hartsfield National Aircraft, Inc.


Proven, Powerful Strategies

Including insights and actionable steps that have helped thousands of small-business owners.

  • Smooth out and accurately predict cash flow
  • Define vision and direction that others will follow. 
  • Bridge gaps in communication
  • Build a repeatable and scalable framework for growing revenue
  • Create and sustain a healthy work/life balance



A roadmap for entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to identify and steer clear of these nine toxic misconceptions.