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125 Questions to Ask During Sales Conversations

The problem with sales conversations

Being a successful sales professional means asking the right questions at the right time. You need to be efficient while still remaining friendly and not putting too much pressure on prospects. It can be hard to keep the conversation flowing and uncover all the relevant information you need without putting prospects off. To help, we have developed this handy cheat sheet with 125 classic sales questions that our experts have found to be useful in steering sales conversations in the right direction. 

Top questions to ask during sales calls and meetings

The full sales question cheatsheet download has questions for the full range of sales situations. Below we will share a few of our favourites. 

During a cold call

Avoid wasting time and get your sales pitch heard with 

‘Would it be okay to take 30 seconds to explain why I have called, and then you can decide whether it makes sense to continue? Are you comfortable with that promise?’

Be different and honest to stand out from other cold callers: 

‘This is a cold call; shall I hang up first or you?’

For rapport building

Learn more about their situation and let them drive the conversation: 

‘Help me see the world through your eyes – what key things can you tell me about your business to help me get a feel for it?’

Near the beginning 

Prevent time wasted and stand out with your honest approach: 

‘If I didn’t think I could help you, would you be okay if I told you so? And will you be okay extending the same courtesy to me if you ever feel I am not the right fit for your needs?’ 

Let them drive the conversation: 

‘What were you hoping that I could do for you?’

Understanding pain points

Learn the scale of the problem: 

‘If the situation didn’t improve, or even got worse, how concerned do you imagine you or the business would be?’

Learn what lengths they have gone and will go to solve it: 

‘Have you ever considered giving up on solving this issue?’

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Want to get your sales techniques up to scratch and close more deals? At Sandler UK, we can offer all the expert advice and resources to help elevate your selling power. Download this helpful sales question cheat sheet and get in touch for more information. You can also join us for face-to-face training at your local Sandler UK office for a comprehensive learning session with one of our sales training experts.

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