7 Reasons Your Deals Aren’t Closing


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Seven Reasons Why Your Deals Aren’t Closing

Closing deals takes the combined effort of your whole sales process, which means it can be difficult for even the most experienced salespeople to work out where they are going wrong. Have you run into a streak of bad luck, or is there something that needs to be changed? Find out the most common pitfalls for salespeople who are failing to close deals. 

ABC vs ABQ Selling

Traditionally, ABC was seen as the best approach to sales. Here, the salespeople should Always Be Closing, which can come across as overly aggressive in today’s market. It also puts far too much emphasis on the final close, when there are plenty of aspects that occur earlier on in the sales process that can negatively impact this. 

At Sandler UK, we believe in the power of ABQ or Always Be Qualifying, which we think of as the ‘Smart Guy’s Selling System’. This means we are more focused on qualifying leads than closing, as without the right qualification early on in the process, it can be impossible to close the sale.

In this guide, we will focus on different elements of the sales process that stop you from closing deals and how to overcome the most common problems. 

Seven reasons why you can’t close deals 

Below we show some of the details of a few common reasons salespeople encounter when trying to close deals. For all the info on all seven reasons, please download our full guide for free. 

1. We are not just sure if we need it

This reason relates to the pain part of the Sandler UK sales process. You need to ensure the prospect is aware of the problem your offer will solve, and what they may lose out on if they don’t solve the problem soon. 

2. We need it but not today

This again relates to the pain step. You need to help your prospect discover the impact of waiting. What is the cost of waiting and will things get better or worse if they do nothing to change the situation? 

Sales training sessions to help you close deals

If you are struggling to close deals, at Sandler UK we have sales training experts available across the UK. We have been in the sales training industry for more than forty years. This means we have plenty of experience and a comprehensive list of proven approaches, strategies, processes, and much more. We invite you to join us for a face-to-face training session at one of our local centres or get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you close more deals and grow sales. 

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