Building A High-Performance Sales Team


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How to Build A High-Performance Sales Team

Every sales leader would agree that building a high-performance sales team is a top priority. But when looking for advice on how to do this, there is not too much information available. Fortunately, the sales experts at Sandler UK have taken the time to develop this guide with our proven approaches to help you create a top-performing sales team. 

Develop clear roles for the sales team members 

Your sales team cannot perform effectively if the members do not know their specific duties and priorities. When outlining roles and tasks it can be helpful to use the KARE system. Start by asking each of your sales team members to categorise their clients and prospects. They should have a list of those for ‘keeping’ or continuing to maintain a relationship, ‘Acquiring’ or closing deals with, ‘Recapturing’ for those old lapsed clients and ‘Expanding’ for those they think they can get additional business from. 

Find your top-performing salespeople

You can learn a lot from the salespeople who close the most deals and develop the strongest relationships with their clients. Ask yourself, who is the salesperson you would hate to lose the most? Who is most aligned and invested in your business’s goals, and who can you trust the most? Once you have found these top performers you should create a talent profile that includes all their traits and approaches to sales. You can then use this to find similar sales professionals who will drive value and gel well with the rest of the team.

Break it down into numbers

Understanding what behaviours lead to the most sales is key to elevating performance. For this, you need to carefully consider the most relevant and measurable stats and metrics. You will need to create systems for tracking performance and linking it to the sales approach used. Once you know which behaviours, approaches and processes show the most effective results, you can add them to your sales playbook. This can then be circulated amongst your sales team and used as a training resource for new hires. 

Your job as a sales leader is to recognise potential and connect the dots.  You need to understand which approaches work and which do not. Through the following three steps, you can effectively build a high-performance sales team, learn how to spot the best new sales talent for your brand and expand your revenues.

Sales team training sessions

Looking for comprehensive sales training to develop your team and learn new techniques? Sandler UK has been the go-to choice for over forty years. Attend our face-to-face sessions at local training centres led by sales experts, or contact us for more information on how we can help grow your sales.

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