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Close The File Email Template

Why closing the file is important

Avoid wasting time on prospects who have already decided they are not interested. Of course, all salespeople will know that being persistent is vital for making sales. However, you can’t expect every prospect to be a good fit and too often salespeople end up wasting time on prospects that are impossible to convert. By asking the right questions through this close-the-file email template, you will soon clear out your pipelines of those pointless prospects.

Close the file email template

After over forty years in sales, our expert team have developed this effective and customizable email template to help you get that final yes or no answer from old prospects. 

Subject line

Use a short and simple subject line that will grab the reader’s attention and make it clear what you want from them. We find that something like ‘Permission to Close the File?’ works well.  

Hold them accountable 

If you have already spoken to the prospect and they agreed to give you an answer by a certain date but have since gone quiet and missed the deadline, you can leverage this agreement to get that final yes or no answer. To help get the wording correct, try out this template in your email:

‘You requested I get back in touch in <Month>, which I have tried to do a few times. I get the feeling this isn’t a priority for you or you have gone in another direction or stayed with an incumbent partner. I want you to know that I appreciate things change and would like to hear which of the above is your current situation…’

Include three options

You need the email to clearly explain what you expect from them. It is therefore helpful to outline three response scenarios to make it as easy as possible for prospects to give an answer. Here is an example of how you can word this:
‘Would you be able to let me know which of the following is most relevant to you at this time?

  • Initial interests are not there and you want me to close the file
  • There is still interest let’s arrange a call to discuss this further
  • There is still interest and you want to book a call for X weeks or months down the line.’

By spelling out the next steps in this way you will encourage prospects to give you an honest response. 

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