15 Initial Questions to Ask in Your Sales Meetings


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15 Initial Questions to Ask in Your Sales Meetings 

Sales meetings can be stressful, but planning ahead can make them easier, smoother and more effective. To help salespeople succeed during meetings, our team of experts have developed this handy guide of questions to ask during the different meeting stages.

Building rapport 

Developing rapport is the first step. These questions are designed to help you warm up prospects, work out how long you have to make your pitch and help you build an open, honest and productive relationship. Here are a few top questions you can use to help develop a rapport. For the full list of rapport-focused questions, please see our full guide. 

  • Do we still have X minutes to work out whether or not we might be a good fit? 
  • When we get to the end of this meeting if we’re both happy to move onto the next stage, and I have an idea of what that might look like, let’s agree to scope it out and set a date in both our calendars – that way we can ensure we both stay on target. Fair? 

Start the ball rolling

These questions will help you steer the conversation towards uncovering important information about the lead’s business and present situation. As well as getting the prospect to agree to listen to you as you explain a bit about your company and offer. For the full list of ball-rolling questions, please see our full guide. 

  • Most of our time is spent helping businesses like yours. Can you tell me a little bit about how you are dealing with X at the moment? 
  • Most of our clients tell us that they have never bought this kind of thing before. Would it make sense for me to tell you a little bit about our organization and how we do things? Then you can tell me about yours. Are you comfortable with that? 

Setting initial priorities

These questions will help you to decide on the outcomes of the meeting. When all parties are on the same page, you will find leads are much more receptive to continuing the discussion and your sales meeting are far more productive. For the full list of priority-driven questions, please see our full guide.

  • When did you first decide that you should look into…?
  • How would you rate your current situation from 1 – Disaster to 10 – Perfect? 
  • If I don’t think I could help you… Would it be okay if I told you so? And will you extend me the same courtesy if you do not think we are the right fit for your needs? 

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