Responding To Client’s Budget Objections


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29 Questions To Respond To Your Client’s Budget Objections  

Most salespeople will get nervous when it comes to talking money and starting the negotiation phase. But learning how to negotiate and prepare responses to clients’ common budget objections will help you feel more confident discussing budgets. Keep reading to see our sales training experts’ top questions to counter these objections. But, keep in mind, these questions are transition techniques, designed to move the conversation forward rather than change the prospect’s mind. However, by using the questions correctly they can still certainly lead to you negotiating a better deal. 

Key objections and how to counter them

‘Thanks for the info, let me think about it and get back to you’

When prospects ask for more time like this you need to ensure there is nothing else then need from you. You could try one of the following responses:

  • ‘Often when people say they will get back to me I have not identified their true problems, would you be willing to discuss your situation more at the moment?’. 
  • ‘Let me ask you a difficult question, and I will promise not to feel let down. Often when people say they will get back to me, what they really mean is that they are not interested, is that true for you?’. 
  • ‘When people say they will get back to me it usually means one of two things, they have run out of time or they are not interested. Would you mind sharing with me what you are really thinking?’. 

‘I like what you can do, but I just cannot afford it right now’ 

There are three response strategies that could work here, depending on the specific situation: 

  • ‘I understand, but have you considered how much it would cost you to solve this problem if you waited three years before investing in a solution?’.
  • ‘Would you mind sharing with me the budget you had in mind at the beginning of our conversation?’.
  • ‘That makes sense, let’s discuss the biggest problems we could still solve right now and leave the other for later.’ 

For many more smart strategies to help you continue your budget negotiations in a productive direction, please check out the full complimentary guide. 

Local sales training sessions

For those looking for in-person training sessions to help you hone sales techniques and strategies like those above through expert tuition, Sandler UK is your perfect partner. We have been in the sales training space for over forty years and have training centres across the UK. To learn more details on what we can do for your sales leaders and sales teams in any industry, please feel free to contact us.


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