Selling Successfully Using Technology


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How to Sell Successfully Using Technology

As the world changes, businesses must adapt to survive. The top ways to innovate your business are through leveraging technology. Advanced software and technology like AI, automation, and machine learning – as well as the increased connectedness tech provides – are all changing the way businesses operate. In this six-part guide, we talk through what it takes to stand out and become successful in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. 

1. Give customers a great experience 

Today, customers expect more. They have more access to information, more options to buy from, and will likely go with the company that provides them with the best experience. In fact, a 2018 survey found that 77% of customers choose brands because of a positive experience. Whereas, 64% avoid brands because of a negative experience.   

2. Help your channel partners help you 

Selling through channel partners, for example, resellers, independent reps and licensed distributors is more common than ever. By establishing a strong network of channel partners and nurturing these relationships, you can help your business grow sales, break into new markets and increase revenue. Plus, this doesn’t need to take a big investment of time or resources once you have built a network.

3. Welcome millennials to your organisation

Millennials are now the predominant demographic and most organisations target demographic. Businesses are doing themselves and disservice if they are not hiring millennials and including them in their sales and marketing strategies. After all, what better way to know your audience than have people in your sales team who are in the same age range and demographic? 

4. Use AI to help salespeople focus

Salespeople can use Artificial Intelligence to streamline their repetitive daily processes and free up more time to focus on what they do best – closing deals. Thanks to AI it is necessary to pay your sales team to complete basic, manual processes. A very basic example of this, and one that you are likely to have already adopted, is automatic meeting reminders. Meeting booking tools often give you an option of scheduling emails to be sent automatically one week, day or hour before a meeting will take place. Using automated tools like this will not only save your sales team time. They also prevent them from making mistakes or forgetting to do the task altogether. 

For all the details on the above and the other two parts of this guide, please download the full PDF. 

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