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Using Up-Front Contracts to Progress Your Sales Conversations

Looking for a new way to stay in control of sales meetings, progress the conversation, and get prospects to make a decision? Then up-front contracts (A.K.A. UFCs) could be the answer. 

How UFCs work?

These contracts, drawn up before the sales meeting takes place, will work as the meeting’s agenda. This can help take the pressure off both parties by ensuring everyone is on the same page and fully understands the goal of the meeting. 

Contract elements

UFCs need to be carefully planned and laid out to offer the best advantage. Below, we outline a structure for what should be included. For the full details, please consult our free-to-download guide. 


Here you outline the reason for the meeting. For salespeople, this is the chance to state how the meeting will help move the process towards the prospect making the final decision. 

Prospect’s agenda 

This is a vital element of the contract. As a salesperson, you need to be clear about what your prospect is looking for, what problem they are trying to solve and what they are expecting from your business and offer. 

Your agenda 

What are you hoping to get out of the meeting? Are you hoping to gather more info to create the perfect offer or should you already be pushing for that final decision? 


Make sure you agree on the time both parties have for the meeting and confirm this with the prospect before the start to ensure you can prioritise your key messages. 


You need to ensure that the prospect understands that the outcome of the meeting should be to either continue the conversation if their needs and the offer align. Or, that if things are not matching up then the process can also be stopped to save both parties’ time. 

When it comes to UFCs they don’t necessarily have to be a signed legal document. They can be used more as guidelines and, as previously stated, as meeting agendas. You can agree on your UFCs via quick phone calls, email or during the final stage of a meeting. 

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