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Weekly Individual Meetings Builder

If you’re a sales leader or manager, you should know how important regular check-ins with your team are. For the most honest and clear discussions, it’s essential that you have personal, one-to-one check-ins with everyone you directly manage. These don’t have to take long – a quick phone call will suffice. However, in order to make the most of your time, you should plan the agendas carefully. That’s where this template comes in. With it, you can ensure you ask the right questions and unpick all the vital information your need about your team members’ progression. 

When to schedule Weekly Individual Meetings (WIMs)

We advise you to hold your WIMs at the beginning and the end of the week. This way you can ensure everyone knows what they are doing and can easily track your team members’ profession over the course of each week. 

What to cover in WIMs

WIMs should be used to find out what your team members have achieved, what tasks they have upcoming, and what is required from you as their manager to help them progress and finish these tasks. They are a chance for you to measure their achievements and remove any roadblocks to their success. The complementary template includes the following sections to help you keep your conversations focused and productive. 

What do you want to achieve this week?  

This section should be filled in on Mondays. Here you can have an open discussion about what each of your team members has as their priorities for the week. 

What did you achieve this week? 

This question should be asked on Fridays at the end of the working week. Unless they have good reasons for it, each of your team members should be able to show they made progress for each of their weekly tasks. 

What help from me do you need? 

This section is where we uncover if there’s something you, as a manager or director, need to do in order to support your team members’ progress. Talking through their weekly tasks, duties and targets then this is the perfect opportunity to address them. You can’t be the roadblock preventing things from happening. Ensuring your team members require nothing from you will mean you can offer your full support in helping them succeed. 

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