Top 5 Tactics for Using LinkedIn to Prospect


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5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Prospect

When used correctly, LinkedIn is the perfect way to find strong leads to engage with and convert into new clients. However, it is easy to slip up and doing the wrong thing can easily ruin your business’s reputation.  Following this expert advice will give you the best chance of success. The tips below are designed to help you make the most of LinkedIn and fill your pipeline with strong prospects. 

Tip 1: Build a pipeline

If you already use LinkedIn you probably have plenty of old colleagues and contacts added as connections. However, for prospecting, you need to ensure most of your contacts are potential leads. To do so we recommend you leverage LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tools and aim to add at least 10 strong leads per day. Doing so will be easy. You can search and filter new connects by their location, their job title, the size of their company, and much more to get find the right new contacts. 

Tip 2: Don’t send mass sales messages 

Anyone who uses LinkedIn will know how often you receive the same boring, irrelevant sales messages. In sales, it is vital to stand out. This is why you should avoid mass messaging. Instead, work harder on fewer messages. Write about specific things you think each prospect may be interested in and include their name and the name of their company. 

Tip 3: Give value to your network

LinkedIn can also be a fantastic way to build brand awareness. To do this well you need to share lots of high-value content related to your field that your prospects and other connections would be interested in. Video content is the most engaging form of content, but you can also share short posts, blogs, articles, images and much more. Sharing the right content will help you engage and grow your audience while positioning your brand as the most obvious option for leads to go for. 

Tip 4: Start conversations, not meetings

Go slowly in your conversations. Asking for a sales meeting in your first messages to new prospects is not likely to have a high success rate. Instead, try to start meaningful conversations that help you develop trust in the relationship before asking for a lengthy meeting or call. We recommend using LinkedIn’s chat tool to send succinct, thoughtful, personalized questions to engage new connections.  

Tip 5: Start conversations, not meetings

Your LinkedIn profile should act as your personal landing page targeted at your audience. It is important you get it looking professional with a good picture and banner and relevant content. Plus, be sure to include all relevant experience, impressive job roles and the most enticing info about your current offer. 

LinkedIn sales training sessions

Growing a business is easier than ever with new ways to network and engage clients like LinkedIn. Join us for a face-to-face training session at your local training centre, for step-by-step instructions on how to start using this social media networking tool like a pro. For over forty years, Sandler UK has been helping businesses improve sales techniques and close deals. To ask any questions or learn more about what we can do for you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us

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